Bio-waste Management

Deals with an objective to adequately dispose biodegradable waste and laboratory waste to reduce our environmental impacts, create a sustainable future and defend the health of population. Solutions could be in the form of waste segregation, waste disposal and improved sanitization system.

Medical devices and equipment’s

Innovative solutions to diagnose or treat patients more effectively and safely. Ensuring the durability and accuracy of the medical devices and equipment’s for intended use. Medical devices requiring calibration maintenance, repair, user training and decommissioning. Cutting-edge technology in Meditech / Biotech sector continues to be in demand with the growing population.

Patient experience, Data management & Security:

This domain emphasizes the ‘secure’ nature of the platform for storing medical data of a patient, while also highlighting the concept of ‘Data Management’. Provide effective techniques and technologies to ensure CIA (Confidential, Integrity and Availability) of patient’s data and privacy against unauthorized access or other data breaches.

Disease prediction, Analysis and Diagnostic technology:

Implement preventive measures to analyse and predict individuals at high risk of developing certain diseases, with a goal to provide prior interventions to prevent or manage disease before it spreads. Provide prominent methods and tools to examine, identify and understand the root causes of problems related to healthcare, engineering and computer science so that it can be effectively resolved and progressed.

Medical Research Education Technology

Combination of medical research, education and technology to develop and enhance innovative approaches for teaching medical research, learning new experience and making it more accessible to a wider range for the learners.

Open Innovation